Friday, December 24, 2010

Say something nice!


     I'm very irritating with someone that keep saying something that hurt others feeling. She does not think about other people feeling. What have in her mind just to say something bad about other person, people, gossiping, back biting. Maybe there is no one try to talk about these to her..might be..perhaps I think. I just keep in my heart when she is talking  something about me at my back or try to hurt my heart.. and what I see..she happy in her way.. very sad for her..many people feel hurt and angry because of her mouth..until when she want ended like this way..subhanAllah..

    Why not she try  to say something nice to other people, or think first before saying something.. We have to remember that taking care of our tongue is important in Islam..Hadith from Abdullah bin Mas'ud. he stated that 
" I have asked to Rasulullah SAW"
 " Oh My prophet, what the good deed that very afdhal? The prophet said "Pray on the time" then I'm keep asking "what the other than that oh My prophet? then Baginda said " Make other people comfort with your tongue" important to take care of our tounge. Every single word that comes out from our mouth that hurt or irritate other people feeling, the "dosa" we will get.Lastly, not forget to asking for forgiveness from others because of your tounge.Please do not  feel hesitated to ask for forgiveness.

To love is to forgive
Forgiveness is like a key that unlocks our hearts,
causing all our resentment to flow out and love to flow in~

Take note : When we speak, the key to communication not what we say, but rather than the attitude that lies behind what we say!

# Just to share and as reminder for myself and others ^_^ 

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